Outpatient Treatment

Develop strategies against substance abuse.

Outpatient Treatment

Addiction requires treatment, care and professional guidance just like any other medical condition. Carroll Institute offers two outpatient recovery programs for substance abuse and addiction, ranging from moderate to intensive treatment. These programs were designed to address the spectrum of substance abuse and addiction issues.

Providing a supportive environment that fosters healing and empowers individuals on their journey to recovery. Clients will go through an assessment to help us develop a personalized treatment plan that considers the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of their addiction. This includes educating clients on their triggers, developing relapse prevention skills, understanding their anger/grief/relationship issues and setting achievable goals.

*Programs are designed for adolescents and adults at various levels of care.


Treatment isn’t the end of someone’s journey – in fact, it’s just the beginning of turning over a new life. Aftercare continues the solid foundation of a recovery program for lifelong success and relapse prevention. Carroll Institute recommends that all our clients attend aftercare meetings with the new learning, tools and attitude introduced in treatment.

Recovery is a long-term process, and aftercare is a key component to establishing and maintaining this new foundation. Group discussion includes more in-depth issues that can make or break early recovery including relapse prevention, trust building, value of honesty, feelings and anger management, relationships and peer pressure.

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