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Prevention, education and refusal strategies.

School-based Drug & Alcohol Education

How old were you when first faced with a decision about drugs and alcohol? For many, it’s far too young. Add on the stressors of peer pressure and other issues like neglect or abuse, and students can be easily susceptible to the dangers of substance use. That’s why school-based programs are critical for prevention and helping students make better choices.

Our Project Awareness department includes prevention curriculum like Too Good for Drugs and Violence, Stanford Vaping Curriculums, CATCH my Breath and more. For students beginning to suffer from the effects of alcohol and drug use, Project Awareness also offers Treatment Needs Assessments, screenings and child & adolescent counseling support.

Our prevention teams can perform other various services such as:

  • Advising prevention groups like Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) and Peer Leaders.

  • Offering threat assessments when a student poses a threat to others.

  • Individual counseling sessions.

  • Attending parent/teacher conferences to provide substance use education to the community.

  • Spreading general awareness on substance use prevention and other prevention topics.

Project Awareness

In 1970, the Sioux Falls School District, Court Services, and PTA joined forces to create “Project Awareness” prevention education. This program provides different support and services for eligible schools. Download our Project Awareness Brochure below to learn more.

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