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Substance Use & Addiction Treatment

If you’re living with a substance use disorder, it’s never too late to get help. At Carroll Institute, we can help you stop putting off treatment for “one day” and start thinking of today as “day one” of a new beginning. Throughout our history, Carroll Institute has worked with every type of substance abuse disorder. With recognized and certified treatment practices, our skilled and understanding counselors have helped individuals turn over a new life. If you’re looking at help for yourself or a friend, family member or spouse, we can help you start the process of recovery.

How We Can Help

Professional counselors will guide your treatment plan every step of the way.

Needs Assessment
Assessing appropriate level of care best fitted for the individual.
Treatment Options
Getting help including outpatient and residential treatment options.
Setting individuals up for lifelong success and recovery.

Treatment Services

Find a personalized approach to treating and recovering from addiction.

“I really enjoyed my time with this treatment program. I wish I could do my MRT program here. Thank you for everything you guys helped me with.”

Services for Support People

Carroll Institute offers a supportive family program that aligns with most services including family group opportunities and individual sessions to support establishing holistic wellness. Counselors guide individuals and their family members in education, recovery and clinical improvements that will foster successful recovery for all.

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