Working through family conflict and times of change.

Family Counseling & Therapy

Families have complex, dynamic relationships that take care and ongoing work. And though each member of a family may be in a different life stage or situation, we navigate times of change together. Counseling can help families work through these changes, from conflict and relational issues to substance use, divorce or co-parenting concerns.

With experience in both child and adult counseling, licensed professionals at Carroll Counseling Services work with a variety of families, all having different needs and issues. Our goal is to help you address, resolve and manage family issues to strengthen those lifelong bonds and relationships.

Specialties Include

  • Co-parenting conflict concerns
  • Family conflict
  • Family separation and divorce concerns
  • Parent-child relational concerns
  • Parenting child & adolescent concerns
  • Relational conflict and attachment concerns
  • Substance and drug use concerns

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