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Counseling and Therapy Services

As part of the Carroll Institute, Carroll Counseling Services provides quality mental health care for individuals of all ages, couples and families. Our diverse team of mental health professionals treat a wide variety of psychological, emotional and relational issues with more than 80 years of experience.

Why Counseling?

When you’re living with mental health or substance use concerns, it’s common to feel isolated or like no one understands. But you’re not alone. Millions of people are living with mental health disorders and concerns, and talking to a professional counselor can help. Through counseling, individuals are empowered, learning about themselves and getting tools they need to improve their mental wellness and coping abilities. Clients can see improved moods, better communication, healthier relationships and higher self-esteem. Engaging in counseling services early on can also help prevent more serious issues or mental illness down the road.

How We Can Help


About 44 million Americans experience mental illness each year. We help clients recognize and work through grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, substance use, identity concerns and more.

Children & Adolescents

For children and adolescents, we can help with everything from developmental milestones and social skills to eating concerns, parent-child relationships and dealing with crisis or trauma.


Our team is experienced in helping couples work through conflict and navigate a wide spectrum of concerns, including intimacy, trust, attachment, substance use, marriage, separation and more.


Family dynamics are complex and ever-changing. The Carroll Counseling team helps with family counseling, specializing in conflict resolution, co-parenting concerns, substance use and parent-child relationships.

First Responders

We help first responders recognize and manage mental health concerns to cope with crisis situations in a high-stress job.

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