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Building early foundations for mental health.

Youth Counseling Services

Children’s brains are still developing rapidly into adulthood, and kids process relationships, situations and trauma differently than adults. Addressing mental health concerns early in life can help set a child up for future success and prevent problems down the road.

For children and adolescents, mental health includes everything from developmental milestones and social skills to eating concerns, parent-child relationships and dealing with crisis or trauma.

Specialties Include

At Carroll Counseling, our staff are specially trained to connect with children and treat a wide spectrum of psychological, emotional and relational concerns. Sessions can be held in-person or virtually to meet your schedule.

  • Adoption
  • Attachment and complex trauma concerns
  • Childhood injuries and abuse concerns
  • Depression, anxiety and mood disorders
  • Food intake and eating concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Intellectual, learning and developmental concerns
  • Parent-child relational concerns
  • Substance use and addiction concerns
  • Trauma and crisis

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