Carroll Institute Prevention Programming

Prevent addiction before it starts.

Drug & Alcohol Prevention Programming

Whether you need drug prevention in your school, business seminars for employees or if a loved one is struggling with the consequences of addiction, Carroll Institute is here for you.

With highly credentialed staff, and evidence-based programming, we’re passionate about education that helps prevent and treat substance abuse, especially for at-risk communities and schools.

To deal with substance abuse at any level requires experience, strength and expertise. Carroll Institute is here to help the individual, their loved ones and entire communities affected by addiction. Contact us today for more information on prevention programming and education.

“This is my first treatment I took seriously and feel it’s very much improved my life. My counselors were very helpful any time I was struggling. I genuinely enjoy coming here and feel that it, in a sense, taught me how to live a better, sober life.”

Prevention Programming

Counseling sessions to help determine an individual’s level of need in one to two hours.

“I love this class and finally someone gave me a chance to get help instead of sending me away for a long time.”

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