Jail Treatment

To begin jail treatment, clients are referred by Public Defenders or Attorneys. We require all clients to commit to no use of alcohol or other mood altering chemicals. We have found those that follow this suggestion have the best chance of permanent recovery. Urinalysis , and other tests as needed, will be administered to insure all Carroll clients are actively keeping their commitment. Jail Treatment is a comprehensive Drug and alcohol program for adults who are incarcerated. “A New Direction” recovery curriculum is utilized with 9 hours of class time allotted weekly. Treatment occurs on Tuesday-Thursday with Men’s Group in the morning and Women’s Group in the afternoon. The duration of Jail treatment is 6 weeks. Criminal and Addictive thinking, Drug and Alcohol education and Release and Reintegration Preparation are workbooks completed during treatment. Clients will focus also upon feelings investigation, self-esteem, anger/grief issues, goal setting, relationship issues, support systems and relapse triggers are all topics covered during the course of this program.

Program Length: Minimum of 54 hours of group sessions and 1 individual session per week.
Curriculum: Videos, lectures and assignments
Costs: Free for state funded clients
TB Tests All clients must provide current TB Test.
Schedule: 6 weeks, Tuesday to Thursday from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. for men and 1 P.M to 4 P.M. for women