To be the provider of choice for a behavioral health continuum of care, for at risk individuals and their families.

Founded in 1971, Carroll Institute has been one of the states most effective substance abuse prevention and treatment facilities. We have reached thousands in local and regional schools with an individually focused prevention message and have helped additional thousands overcome and begin the healing process from the devastation of chemical addiction.

If you or a loved one has a problem with drug or alcohol addiction, or if you would simply like more information about the Carroll Institute, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Prevention Programming

Carroll Institute was the first agency in the Sioux Empire offering prevention services and presently serve 13 school districts with Project Awareness and Project Success.

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Assessments are the first step in determining if an individual needs further help with their addiction or alcoholism. The process takes a couple of hours and includes filling out descriptive forms and time with an assessment counselor.

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Treatment is beginning of healing. In treatment, you will learn about the diseases of addiction and alcoholism and begin to develop a strategy for successful recovery. But to really succeed in treatment, you need to choose to engage. Addiction and alcoholism are cunning, baffling and powerful. To begin your recovery, you will need as much help as you can get. Treatment is a great beginning.

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Aftercare is a most important part to successful recovery. Aftercare allows for continued accountability and support through the first year of recovery. It is been determined that the longer a client can remain engaged in programming, the higher likelihood of long term recovery success.

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